The Etruscan Coast

With its 90 kilometers of shores covering almost the entire province of Livorno, the Etruscan Coast offers real gems, beaches that have been awarded for several times the Blue Flag, some considered among Italy’s most beautiful beaches.

Marina di Castagneto-Donoratico

Marina di Castagneto-Donoratico is one of the widest beaches of the Coast. It offers various beach facilities, while in the southern and northern area of the town you can also enjoy km of free access beach. Thanks to the environmental protection and services provided, the beach has been awarded the “Blue Flag” and the “Eco holiday system” recognition by Lega Ambiente.

Marina di Bibbona

Famous bathing resort due to the beauty of its landscape, Marina di Bibbona is also known as Marina del Forte for Bibbona’s Fort, built in 1785 as a sighting and coastal defense spot against pirates invasion.

Its coastline includes long and sandy beaches and the typical Mediterranean vegetation tombolos, it’slocated exactly between two pine forests surrounding the coast up to Marina di Cecina .

San Vincenzo

Surrounded by a large pine forest, the beach of San Vincenzo is located at the south of Castagneto and stretches for several km offering clear waters. Well-equipped bathing facilities.

Baratti e Populonia

The Gulf of Baratti extends between the Tyrrhenian Sea and Ligurian Sea, within walking distance from Piombino. Sandy beaches and rocky inlets cover a surface of over 30 km, surrounded by lush vegetation. A unique place, with spectacular backdrops attracting people from around the world.

Cavallino Matto and Gallorose

1.5 km away from Hotel Alta La Vista you’ll find Cavallino Matto, the largest Amusement Park in Tuscany, surrounded by nature and many attractions for children, ideal for spending long days with your family.
Always nearby, at only 16 km from our hotel, Park Gallorose in Cecina, 5 hectares of natural oasis where you can find wild and domestic species , from giant kangaroos to zebras.

Parco di San Silvestro

For lovers of mining archaeology, at only 19 km away you can find the Archaeological Mines Park of San Silvestro, one of the parks of Val di Cornia, born following the excavations of the Rocca San Silvestro castle in order to enhance the large mining area. A day of trekking routes, mines and museums with evidence from the Middle Ages until the last decades of mining.